Enhancing Storage Efficiency In Warehousing Through Automation


Goods and items are bound to disappear in a warehouse if poorly stored or categorized, and locating them can be difficult, especially in a large warehouse. Therefore, having a good sortation system that helps you to keep everything in order. Thus, making it a money and time saver, increasing the efficiency of the warehouse workers.

Sorting is a straightforward concept where items in the warehouse are arranged according to their characteristics and assigned a specific location. 

Benefits of a Sortation System

There are many benefits of an automated system that helps you arrange warehouse goods in an organized manner. They include:


It’s common for workers to experience fatigue while working in a fast-paced environment, resulting in errors. Having a proper sorting and picking solution minimizes physical strain on any warehouse associate reducing the error rates.

In addition, it boosts productivity, enabling accuracy when delivering the goods, which increases the customer’s confidence in your business.


For companies dealing with large orders, having a single order picking system can prove to be highly inefficient. However, an automated sortation system ensures that goods are picked up and sorted without any discrepancies. 

Additionally, they can pick SKU’s to fill various orders simultaneously, maximizing labor efficiency in the warehouse operators.

It’s money and time saving

Picking and fulfilling orders in the warehouse is a labor-intensive activity, and it contributes to most of the total warehouse cost. Although traditional systems have improved productivity, they were costly and required disruptive changes. While, sortation systems like collaborative robots are more flexible, cost-effective, and require no permanent change to the existing infrastructure.

In conclusion

Sorting is a critical component of an efficient warehouse system as it takes part early in the supply chain. If your warehouse is well-organized, there is a higher chance that the whole supply chain process will operate smoothly.