8 weaknesses in the property business

An investor needs to know the eight weaknesses of property investment, in order to anticipate losses and add value to the property.

Quoted from the book “The Rich Way Through Property”, here are eight weaknesses in property investment:

  1. Maintenance Expenses (Burden Management)

Property owners or investors cannot let their investments run with continuous results, without ensuring the property is in good condition. He also has to spend additional costs to maintain the condition of the building so that income from rent can increase.

  1. High Capital Investment

Property investment can also be said to be capital intensive. Why is that? Because the greater the capital invested in property, the greater the results obtained by the property investment.

  1. Affordability Investment (Affordability Investment)

In the property business, prices reflect the conditions of supply and demand. Property prices are set based on the characteristics of the local market and trends that affect property demand … Read more

Spring Cleaning Your Mind: 5 Entrepreneur Productivity Hacks

There’s a reason spring cleaning is a thing. We get to the point where we look around and wonder how we accumulated so much stuff, be it physical (on our desks), virtual (in our files), or mental. It’s time to clear the clutter and focus on what’s important in your business! The following productivity hacks are a mix of tips I’ve developed on my own or borrowed from other people and blogs.

  1. Put Everything — and I Mean Everything — on Your Calendar

On any given day, I write between two and five articles. I juggle well over a dozen clients, and I pride myself on never letting anything slip through the cracks. Forget unproductive meetings, and no, I’m not a genius, I just use my Google Calendar wisely. Everything, from an assignment, to following up with a client, to something I want to spend time researching, gets an … Read more