Convection Is An Interesting Business Idea But Has Disadvantages

The convection business is an effort to mass produce all kinds of clothing. In a way, the convection business enters into a business that promises multiple profits. The reason is, the convection business will always be sought after, both by a big brand to a small community.

Even though there are many competitors, this convection business opportunity is still quite open. You who are just starting out can still compete with old players. This is due to the large number of requests that do not allow one convection to do everything.

Behind the huge profits that await, the convection business also has many drawbacks. Know the shortcomings of this convection business:

Large capital

For some people, capital to build a convection business can be a burden that is difficult to lift. You need to prepare many things. The first is a place to be used as a location for workers as well as storing materials.

In addition, you also need to hire a lot of tailors so you can take large orders. Another obstacle for the convection business is the high cost of production, such as clothing materials, sewing machines and other equipment. In some orders, you also need to provide more money to buy materials.

When orders are low, the profits you get don’t always match the expected target. What’s more, if you take a small profit, it might not be enough to cover production costs.

Reject items appear

Making hundreds or even thousands of products will make quality control go down. Not to mention the short processing time makes workers have to increase their working time. This makes the risk of errors even greater.

If you have this, you will get rejected goods to return from customers. This will make you have to replace the product. Of course you need to add to the cost of processing again.

Plus, if you already have loyal customers, then you should be able to maintain consistent stitch quality.

Rapid industrial changes

The fashion or fashion industry is a rapidly changing world. Convection business workers must also follow this fashion so that they continue to be looked at by business people.

Some things will actually make you need to increase capital to buy new sewing tools. It could also be that trending clothing materials are hard to come by. If you are unable to keep up with the trend, you must be prepared for the convection business to be eroded by the times. The best option, you have to exist on social media and the internet so you don’t fall behind the others.

Strongly affected by the economic climate

Large party business is very dependent on the economic conditions that occur. If the economy is bad, people’s purchasing power will decrease. This causes the demand for new clothes to decrease. Public interest in going to tailors is also likely to decrease drastically. They will tend to buy clothes online because it is cheaper with a fast time.

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