Importance of Export Quote in Shipping Business

Freight forwarder: Everything you need to know

The best part of the international shipping industry is the systematic and well-organised channel of services that make a successful shipment possible. Every player of the industry knows his role and contribution in the process that not just benefits him but the economy as a whole! And everything in this process starts with the shipping quote. Yes, in general, a freight shipment begins with the enquiry made by an importer regarding the availability of certain goods. The exporters dealing with the same, respond to it with a Proforma invoice or the export quote stating the price he is willing to take for the shipment. Thus, it all originates with the quotation that can inaugurate or end the deal!

Factors That Make the Export Quote So Important

Many factors determine the importance of an export quote, and every trader must know them well to come up with an impressive quote. The importers judge the nature of the exporter’s business, his analytical sense and decision-making by viewing and scrutinising the quotation.

●     It Attracts the Importers

Before having a one-to-one conversation, most of the exporters send the Proforma Invoice with all the details regarding the goods, their price, nature, quality, etc. If the importer feels interested in the deal, he takes the next step and commences the deal. Therefore, if an exporter fails to make an impressive quote, he can lose his chance on a business deal. Persistent losses can cost him a lot in the business,


Therefore, every exporter should prepare the pattern, layout and elements of the quote very carefully, making it brief yet impactful. The major points should always be in the highlight as an investor might skip reading the other parts if he finds the major ones not convincing enough!

●     Serves as The First Impression

If an exporter and importer have had many business deals in the past, the export quotation might not be much of a headache between them! However, if he is new to the importer, the invoice would serve as the first impression of him and his trade business. Therefore, exporters must always create a complete and effective export quote. After all, we all know the importance of the first impression!

●     Takes on The Market Competition

The importer does not usually receive only one response to his enquiry until he has a loyal export partner already in the business circle. Therefore, the exporters who are in the league to expand their network and grow their business need to compete with many others. An importer will reject nine quotations only if he finds the one that suits his interests the best! Traders should take the help of experts and prepare a well-balanced export quote before sending it forward!

●     Delivers the Business Mindset of The Exporter

The pricing and the quality of services are what the importers want to analyse using the Proforma Invoice. After all, everyone in the shipping industry is well aware of the prevailing freight rates and market conditions. This factor should be in the mind of an exporter while preparing his invoice. As the export quotation will deliver his business mindset to the importers, especially the ones who have been in this field for a long time!

●     Provides All the Details of The Exporter

The essential elements of the Proforma invoice or the export quote include the prices, exporter’s contact details and concerning information, precise description of the goods’ merchandise, etc. In short, the export quotation delivers all the noticeable details of the exporter.


The purpose of an export quotation in the shipping business is commencing a freight shipment and connecting the ends of an exporter and importer. Therefore, the budding traders in this arena should never risk their goodwill. Choose the best in the field to deliver an impressive quote!