5 Latest Moto Guzzi Prices 2019

The motorbike has become one of the vehicles that have a very important role to support all the affairs and needs of each day. But with the development of the times, there are many types of motorcycles that have existed for now and even now there are many motorcycles that now come with the old school concept of MOTO GUZZI from Italy.

Maybe you rarely hear the name of this Italian motorcycle manufacturer. The name MOTO GUZZI is not as popular as DUCATI, APRILIA, or MV AGUSTA, which all come from Italy. But actually, MOTO GUZZI is one of the legendary companies that has been manufacturing motorcycles since 1921. MOTO GUZZI only markets large motorbikes, which can cost £ 20,000 and the cheapest, Moto Guzzi for sale at £ 7,000.

There is a rival MOTO GUZZI namely TRIUMPH who both produces motorcycles with a classic or retro style. Meanwhile, MOTO GUZZI also has a Cruiser-style motorbike which costs more than £ 19,000.

However, behind the price of a fairly expensive MOTO GUZZI motorbike, it is very commensurate with what has been offered in every motorbike from MOTO GUZZI. For example, on this one Moto is pegged at prices like luxury cars on the Market which reached £ 19,999. Even so, the motorbike is very compatible with everything.

MOTO GUZZI is indeed expensive, but the price is by the quality, not infrequently many consumers and collectors hunt for this motorbike, there are many types of GUZZI moto and the following is a list of, MOTO GUZZI as a reference for you, who want to buy it:

This super cruiser motorbike does have a very fierce appearance, you can see the design that was brought to this motorbike. Especially for the kitchen spur sector which will certainly bring the engine with a very tough performance and also full power. With the presence of a 13800 CC V-Twin 90 engine with a 90% tilt angle, this engine is capable of producing very tough power. Meanwhile, the price of this MOTO GUZZI motorbike will be as good as their performance, because it has supported quite a lot of advanced features.

Price of £ 19,999


There are quite a lot of motorcycles that have been presented by this Italian manufacturer, including the MOTO GUZZI V7 III STONE. So, for the display that was brought on this motor that is very cool indeed. Meanwhile, this motorbike also has a 90% V-Twin engine with an engine capacity of 744 CC. This type of engine can produce maximum power which reaches 8 kW at 6200 rpm and torque of 60 Nm at 4900 Rpm.

Price £ 7,999


Comes using a machine with a capacity of 744 CC with 2 valves engine type with light alloy pushrods and rockers. This motor uses the type of engine that has a Bore x Stroke of 80 x 74 mm and the engine can produce power that reaches 38 kW (52 HP) at 6200 Rpm. As for the maximum torque, it can reach 60 Nm at 4900 rpm, it’s amazing. With prices priced at £ 8,699, MOTO GUZZI has certainly been equipped with a lot of forgiveness such as its sophisticated and sophisticated features.

Price of £ 8,699


This motto is one of the special edition motorbikes that has been presented at the motor festival held on the beach of Biarritz, France, last June. At the event MOTO GUZZI presented a special edition product to the public, the motorcycle did have a very cool appearance. What is certain will be commensurate with the price of this MOTO GUZZI motorbike, because this motorbike is equipped with so many advantages. Because the entire surface of the tank has been coated with chrome and on the side of the seat comes with direct hand stitching tablets.

Price of £ 8,499


This motto is similar to the variants of the other MOTO GUZZI V7 III, one of which is in the spur kitchen sector which both carries a 744 CC engine capacity. So that the performance obtained will also be the same, then for the features presented are also complete and certainly sophisticated and modern technology. As for the price of this motorbike, it is commensurate with everything, ranging from the kitchen runway sector, its features and many other advantages that have been offered.

Price of £ 8,799

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