3 Interesting Facts About Telecommunications

It might not cross your mind often, but the telecommunication industry plays an essential role in how information gets communicated and transmitted today. The industry has grown exponentially in recent decades, and you can now find telecommunications Nashville and all around the country. Despite being at the center of modern life, however, the field tends to remain under the radar. To learn more about this fascinating industry and the roles it plays in keeping people connected, read on.

History of telephony | How it all started | TeleForwarding

1. It Started With the Telephone

Modern telecommunications is often dated all the way back to the invention of the telephone in the 19thcentury. At the time, it was one of the most popular technological innovations to come on the market, and has since revolutionized communications, allowing people to contact others from far away. In fact, connecting a phone line from New York to San Francisco itself took about a year to complete, and required over 130,000 telephone poles!

2. The Longest Phone Cable Goes From the US to Japan

Today, the longest phone cable in the world runs, amazingly, all the way from the United States to Japan! It’s known as FLAG, short for Fiber Optic Link around the Globe, and is almost 17,000 miles long. Its maximum capacity allows it to transfer about 600,000 calls simultaneously.

3. Today’s Phone Has Incredible Computing Power

Technology has made some incredible strides just in the past decades. In fact, NASA has stated that today’s typical smartphone holds more computing power than the average computer that was used in the Apollo 11 moon landing!

While it can sometimes fade into the background, the telecommunications sector is one of the most vibrant and expanding industries out there today, at the core of modern communications. With a rich history and fascinating recent technological developments, this industry is set to be important for years to come.