2 Kinds of Success That Must Be Calculated

Everyone Aims to succeed in all forms or activities. From the point of view of wanting to have a business, then starting, to expand products and services, to add to the company’s annual profit.

There are two kinds of success that every leader must take into account. One is situational and the other is systematic. Knowing how to use two things can produce positive results in your organization.

Situational Success

This is about the situation. It is unique, dynamic, and often random. Therefore this is a very difficult thing to plan. You don’t have much control over what happens by accident and it’s happening now! Focus on the type of success is the result.

Systematic Success

This involves a process. It is scalable and can be duplicated or applied to several situations. These are the things that you must prepare to be successful in situational. It focuses on “how positive results are achieved” rather than “what is achieved.” Systematic success is easier to plan because you are deliberately on the steps you take. As your team will be used for the process, you will see consistent success happening over time.

Some of these examples will be a consistent increase in quarterly sales due to more efficient product filling processes, dynamic upselling, and quality customer service. Another example might be 80% involvement in social media promotions behind strategic timely posts, recycled creative content, and quick replies to users. Systematic success occurs by using a consistent and proven process.

Some final thoughts

Situational success gives you confidence in your systematic success. The steps that lead to this unprecedented, isolated success are born from the constant practice of systematic success. Systematic successes that give you steady growth continuously while situational success gives you occasional bursts of growth. Focus on building the first situational success in your organization to set yourself up for systematic success!