14 Budget Friendly Ladies Get Together Ideas At Home

Ladies get together ideas at home

A ladies get together is always a fun time. But sometimes, the costs of these gatherings can creep beyond a reasonable budget. Luckily, there are plenty of ladies get together ideas at home that don’t involve blowing your budget.

If you are ready to have a great night with your gal pals without breaking the bank, explore our activities for ladies get together options that are budget-friendly!

Ladies get together ideas at home that you’ll love

Everyone loves quality time with their favorite ladies. Regardless of the size of your gathering, you’ll find plenty of budget-friendly ladies get together at home ideas below.

Use these options to get the creative juices flowing. But don’t be afraid to tailor the ideas to your friend group preferences.

1. Scrapbooking night

Scrapbooking is one of the great activities for ladies night that allows you to reminisce about fun moments together. While sitting around a table of crafts, you can share an enjoyable evening with friends.

You can provide some of the scrapbooking supplies yourself. But encourage your friends to bring along supplies that match their own personal tastes. Once everyone is into their crafting, you might swap tools and paper along the way.

If you need a way to make this an even more affordable night, stock up on supplies when you catch a sale. For example, Hobby Lobby often runs a sale of 40% off their scrapbooking paper goods.

2. Crafting night

If scrapbooking isn’t your style, then consider pulling together another type of craft night. A few ideas include quilting, baking, or painting.

You’ll need to get the supplies ahead of time for this event. But if you watch the sales at your local craft store, this night can be very affordable.

3. Board game night

A casual night of board games is one of the ladies get together ideas at home that can give everyone something to do while hanging out together. With a wide variety of board games out there, you can find one that is fun for the whole crowd.

And the best part is that you might already have some board games lying around the house. If you don’t have any board games, consider asking your friends to bring their own over.

If no one has a board game in their house, then head to the local thrift store. I picked up a game of Monopoly, with all of the pieces, for $3 at the Goodwill last month. Hopefully, you’ll have similar luck for your ladies get together!

4. Home spa experience

A day at the spa might be just what you need to unwind with your friends. But sometimes, the cost of going to the spa doesn’t do any favors for your budget or your stress level. But try out these spa activities for ladies get together events.

Instead of paying for a day at the spa, consider hosting a budget-friendly version at home. A few relaxing ideas include lighting a soothing candle, painting your nails, and applying a face mask.

5. Closet swap day

We all have clothes in our closets that we never wear. Whether the items in question are no longer our style or don’t fit us just right, some unused items can collect dust for years. One budget-friendly ladies get together idea is to host a closet swap day.

The point of this event is for everyone to bring items that they no longer want in their closet. Depending on the personal style of your friends, this can be a great way to help each other curate the perfect outfit without spending any money.

6. Movie night

Pop the popcorn! A movie night is one of the easy activities for ladies night to throw together for your friends.

You can likely find a movie through one of the streaming services you already pay for. But if you can’t find a good option, consider checking out a classic from your local library for free.

7. Favorite foods potluck

Most of us tend to have a signature dish. If you are looking for budget-friendly ladies get together ideas at home, then consider hosting a favorite food potluck.

With this style of potluck, each of your friends will bring over their favorite dish. It’s a fun way to try out new flavors and dishes. Additionally, everyone only has to contribute one dish, which spreads out the costs of the evening.

8. Dessert night

Want to skip straight to dessert? That’s an option for your ladies get together!

If you and your girlfriends prefer sweets, then a dessert night is a fun way to catch up. Although you can provide a dessert, this idea works best when everyone brings a dessert. With plenty of options on the table, everyone can find a treat that satisfies their sweet tooth.

9. Wine tasting party

A wine tasting party offers a fun twist on a regular girls’ night. If possible, everyone will bring their own bottle of wine. In the kitchen, the host conceals the identity of the wine bottle. After that, taste testing can begin.

It can be a fun contest to see which wine wins at your get together!

10. Virtual mixology classes

Getting drinks at a bar can add up quickly. Even if you stick to one or two drinks, you could easily spend over $25 in a sitting. Instead of letting a night out eat away at your budget, bring the activity closer to home.

A virtual mixology class can be one of the fun ladies get together ideas for you and your friends to learn how to make your favorite drinks. Plus, it’s likely going to be cheaper than meeting at a local bar.

11. Book club

Budget-friendly ladies get together ideas at home run the gambit of activity levels. A book club is a relatively low-key option that can lead to wonderful conversations.

Everyone will need a copy of the chosen book. But you might be able to avoid paying for the book with a trip to your local library. If you need some book ideas, check out these budgeting favorites.

12. Play what’s in your purse

‘What’s in your purse’ is an interesting game that can give you some insight into your friends’ habits. As the host, you’ll provide a list of items to your friends with point values assigned to each item.

Once everyone has the list, they can search their purse to come up with as many matching items as they can. You never know what someone might have in their purse!

13. Sit around a campfire

A backyard bonfire provides a quiet and intimate setting for a casual ladies night full of great conversations. If you have a place for a bonfire, then getting the wood for the fire is relatively inexpensive.

Depending on the group, you might stick to enjoying the warmth of the flames. But some might prefer to make s’mores while catching up.

14. Do an at-home workout video

Working out is an undeniably good habit. But for many of us, sticking to a regular workout routine is a challenge. If you have friends who are up for a workout, consider doing an at-home workout together.

You can find free workout videos on YouTube. In between workouts, you can catch up with your favorite people. Plus, inviting your friends makes it easier to follow through on your workout plans.

Ladies get together ideas at home can be fun!

The great news is that there is no shortage of activities for ladies get together ideas at home. If you are willing to host a fun night with your friends, then it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Supportive friends will be happy to participate in a budget-friendly night of connection. Start planning your get together today with these inexpensive activities for ladies night that will save you money!