How to Increase Employee Productivity at Office

If you are a business owner or a leader, employee productivity will mean a lot to you. Employee productivity for the company will greatly contribute to the productivity of the company and of course the increase in corporate profits. Meanwhile, for a leader, the employee productivity he leads will improve the performance of the department or department that he leads. Increasing employee productivity is not enough by constantly pushing them to work hard. There is a set of strategies that need to be applied. Demanding employees to work hard is not a good solution, it can even be a boomerang for the company or leader. Here are some strategies you can apply in your company or organization to improve your employee productivity:

Reward or Punishment And Winners Mental

Rewards and punishments remain a pretty effective method of increasing productivity, but there are things to note in their application. Do not get reward and punishment instead create a non-conducive environment. Precisely this is contradictory with its purpose. For that the application of the concept of reward and punishment must be accompanied by a mental improvement champion for its employees. Mental champion is a mental condition where one wants to provide the best with sportsmanship. To train the employee or team work at the company, you can try fun corporate event.

Improve and Refresh Motivation

Motivation is the mover, the greater the motivation the greater the action will be. Productivity will obviously increase. However, to note is not enough motivation with a salary. Salaries do contribute to employee motivation, but the new salary as a basic motivation. To increase productivity required more motivation than the usual salary they receive. Motivation is also not always with money. Companies must be more creative in providing motivation for employees. Sometimes, simple and free things can increase employee motivation.

Conducive Working Area

Here leadership roles are especially top leaders in creating a conducive environment to work. Employees feel comfortable and optimistic in working. Sometimes there are companies that apply conditions that are not conducive, that is to increase motivation based on competition, but instead make a lot of friction among employees that will reduce productivity.

Training programs that are also needed are exercises that increase the employee’s mindset. Employees with a positive mindset will create a more conducive environment. So that more employees who have a positive mindset will be more conducive to the work environment. Of course in addition to the company policy that creates a conducive environment.

Time Management Integration With Corporate Systems

Time management may contribute to employee productivity. But it is not enough just to force employees to manage their time. Time management must be integrated with the system in your company. In fact, the system needs to be designed in such a way that employees in working with the right time management so that productivity will be high. The system should make employee activity more effective and productive.

Of course understanding time management for employees is very important. A training program is required for employees to work with time management properly. However, if the existing system in the company does not align or even inhibit productivity, then productivity will not increase much.


You need to make the program increase productivity by preparing systems and policies that make working conditions conducive and productive. This is a top management responsibility. In addition top management also needs to create training programs that not only pay attention to technical issues, as well as motivation problems, positive mindset, mental champion and time management. Increasing employee productivity can not be paid attention to only one aspect, but must be thorough and integrated.