Best Business for Teens

There is no age limit and space to start a business. Anyone, anywhere can start a business, including a teenage though you can still make extra money from home or college. Originally there was sincerity in living it, all would be fruitless. Any business that can be done by a teenager? Here are seven of the best business for teenagers to do at home and at college:

Sell Hand Crafts

For you are creative and like to make crafts, it is better to try to sell your crafts. This is the best tips that can help make extra money. However, not to forget the advantages and disadvantages. To benefit, you must make sure that the results obtained should be able to cover the initial capital.

Sell Goods Second

If you are among those who like to accumulate goods unused so as to make the house look messy, you should begin to sell these goods, either online or in person. By selling these items, would add money and help clean your house.

Social Media Assistant

What are the most promising business for today’s youth? The answer is social media assistant. By actively in social media, you can make extra money. How to? You can try to focus on one platform, such as helping to promote a business on Instagram or can also try to manage conversations across multiple networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Besides favorable for you, it also can make you become more professional and more polite because it must be posted in the name of a business.


When you master the subjects (academic) specific, so do not waste this opportunity. Start trying to be a teacher for other students who need help. Similarly, if you master the other skills you can teach that skill to other students. Many skills can be taught, such as the use of computers, playing musical instruments, and others.

The Guard House or Pets

Just as babysitting, home and pets is a home business ideal for teenagers. By simply keeping house and caring for a pet that is easy to do, you can pocket the extra money enough. Interesting right?