Avoiding Stress at Your Office and Your Life


Everyone working at the office has a higher risk of stress than other jobs, because office work on data that can make headache. Causes of stress in the office can be various, such as feeling lazy, decreased work motivation, delaying work, fierce competition among colleagues, or conflicts with superiors. It could also be because of a fight with colleagues, feeling less motivated, or tired of being an employee but difficult to determine the attitude to resign from work. No matter what your stress causes, you can try these stress-relieving workplace tips:

Visit the entertainment venue

If your days of work at the office are always busy and full of pressure, you need to try a vacation or weekend by visiting exciting places to refresh your mind and body. Exciting and challenging places can make you less stressful and cultivate positive, creative and broad-minded thoughts. You need to try an adventure in the escape room Gainesville.

Be grateful and pray

When you go to work or will start work at the office, the main and first thing is to pray, give thanks for being of useful age and work, then pray that what will be done when working gets enlightenment and guidance from God. According to psychological research a powerful way to deal with stress is to be grateful. Gratitude will awaken your psychological immune system so that it is immune to small or big problems that occur inside or outside your work. In other words, your mind will be positive to believe that there is a way out of the problem that makes you stress. Because pressure in work or life pressures will turn you into a tougher and more mature person.

Meditate or Breathe in a long breath

Meditating for a moment, focusing the mind and calming herself from the office noise, taking a deep breath and pulling out through the mouth. Close your eyes and concentrate on breathing. Do this activity for two to three minutes. Breathing a deep breath will help ease the tense nerves of the brain. In addition, this easy activity can improve your focus.

Looking for entertainment by watching funny videos

If the tasks in the office that accumulate make you stress, you can force yourself to laugh by looking at funny videos on YouTube. And do not open political or hoaxed videos that can add a negative aura of the mind. Whatever the reason, laughter will release hormones endorphins and dopamine in your brain, the hormone makes a person happy. When you feel happy, by itself stress will disappear and you can work and move according to normal tasks and routines.

Listen to your favorite music

Almost the majority of people in the world have a penchant for listening to music, in addition to calming the mind of the music can to ease stress. By listening to music or playing music and maybe singing you will find a medication of better to relieve stress facing the pressures of work and life pressure. Choose relaxing and beautiful music from local and foreign musicians. In addition, by listening to your favorite songs, you will be a little calm and relaxed.

A short break

Stress can be due to a busy schedule of time working and activities. Therefore, you can rest for 5 – 15 minutes during office hours, because according to research people who do rest or nap for 5-15 minutes will increase endurance and easily focus on activities and work everyday. In addition, napping can train you to wake up early in the morning, before sunrise so as to be able to perform the prayer and exercise.

Eliminating stress in the workplace is not as difficult as one might imagine. You can choose one of the ways above that suits your situation and condition.