How to Start Planning a Gas Station Construction Project


As cities and rural areas grow, so does the need for gas stations. Success will often depend on doing the right planning before construction ever begins. Below are a few things to consider before laying the foundation of your new business.

Feasibility Studies and Location

A standard feasibility study is a projected calculation of how many sales are possible in both merchandise and fuel over a three years period. A bank will require this if you are looking at getting financing for your venture. Investors will also want to see these figures. It will be telling as to whether you have chosen an excellent location.

Check City and County Product Restrictions

You may not want to build a convenience store station if the spot is too close to churches and schools.  Restrictions exist in selling alcohol near these locations, which can account for a large number of profits. Limiting the ability to sell alcohol will make it difficult to sell the station should the need arise.

Hire a Professional Fuel Station Designer

A construction company experienced in designing the interior and exterior will be your best ally in creating maximum profit potential in a safe environment. It is imperative to add in all of the safety features to prevent fuel spills, maintain fuel a safe distance from the building, as well as to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Limit Traffic Flow Impact                  

The community you choose to build a gas station in will not enjoy having traffic problems increased, or made worse by your presence. Carefully plan for safe traffic flow that will not impede the existing street flow.

Create Unique Branding

A gas station that is visually appealing will bring in consumers. It is all about attractive colors, names, and solid branding. Make the sign visible from all directions. The easier it is to see you, the more traffic you will get.


Purchase Equipment Safe for Customers and the Environment

You may want to try and save a little money, but do not go cheap on the equipment. The fuel pumps need to be safe to use, in excellent condition, and available pump emergency shut-off for accidental spills.

Talk with an expert gas station construction company California like Fastech US about starting your station project right away!