Function of Music in the Life of Society

The diversity of types of musical works and forms of musical instruments that grew in the lives of peoples have different positions and functions. Music is used as a medium of expression to realize the work of music, called the composition, the media for educational activities both in schools and outside school education, serve as a medium of communication between tribes and between countries. The diversity of local music functions in every aspect of the social life of a nation, so that local music is deserved and must be preserved as one way of cultural preservation. If you have an artistic talent and have a musical talent join together with street pianos to serve and work for the community or society.

The presence of music art in the midst of society has a variety of functions, including individual and social functions. Individual functions, namely as expressions or expressions of the soul and as the inner satisfaction of its creator. The social function of music has a big role in various areas of community life, including entertainment, communication, education, trade, military, and religious media. In general, the art of traditional music that grows and develops in the world has a diversity of functions, among others, to:

Performance Facilities

Music and dance each have interrelated patterns and rhythms. In various regions, the sounds or music were created by the community to accompany the local dances. Therefore, most regional dances can only be accompanied by the music of his own region. The rhythm of music can affect a person’s feelings to perform beautiful movements in dance.


For professional musicians, music is a means of livelihood of their economy. They are rewarded through the work (song) they make and which they play. The better and more popular a musical art work will be the higher the award given the award in both material and moral form. For music artists, music is a medium for expressing themselves. Through music, they actualize their potential. Through music too, they express feelings, thoughts, ideas, and ideals about self, society, God, and the world.


In some places, certain sounds have meaning to members of their community. Generally, the sounds have a certain rhythm pattern, and become a sign for members of the community on an event or activity. Music has always functioned as a medium of communication, In addition to using verbal or visual language, inter-ethnic communication, inter-state interconnections can be done with the art of music. Diversity form and type of music in the archipelago can be a place of inter-ethnic music collaboration. Thus, the values of unity and unity between nations and the openness of communication will be more thickened. Through the language of music, song poetry and music, certain messages can be delivered more beautifully.

Education and Information

Music has an important role in educational and lighting activities. In this case music is used to convey the norms or rules that apply in the community. The information mentioned here is the information in understanding the regulations and the suggestion from the government. Among the educational goals is to form a virtuous man of noble character. Philosophically point of emphasis is the object of value and moral in the students themselves. Art can be used to guide and educate the person’s mental and behavior in order to change to a better condition, such as broadening feelings, being polite, gentle, noble and noble character.


Music is one way to eliminate saturation due to daily routine, as well as a means of recreation and a meeting with other residents. If there are musical performances in their area, they will flock to the venue to watch. A musical performance was able to create a certain code that is refreshing and renewal of existing conditions. In this case, music enters the psychology of the joy of the masses so as to dispel the feeling of being saturated and bored in the ruins of life. Through song poetry and musical accompaniment, we can enjoy its beauty.