Investment Objective and Strategies Property Business

Business is the exchange of goods, services, or money that is mutually beneficial or beneficial. While the business enterprise is an organization involved in the exchange of goods, services or money to generate profits. The property is related to the land (soil), residential, office building types and types of buildings for trade (commercial). So the real estate business can be defined as the activity of exchange of goods, services or money related to land, residential, office buildings and commercial buildings. You want to buy a dream house, put on a credit card that was recommended by

Starting a business venture properties due to their chances in the business field and interest in the expected profit from this venture. Before stepping running property business is required to explore the feasibility of the business is run. Things that need to be reviewed to assess the feasibility of these efforts include a review of aspects of the market and marketing, technical and technological aspects, aspects of organization and management, as well as economic and financial aspects. Then, as can be judged that the property business is feasible then it can be decided to run the business through a policy.

Property Business Goals

The property business is one part of a business activity, so here it can be said that the business objectives of the above is also the goal in the field of property business. Besides, in the field of housing and settlements there are held where more focused on carrying out a social mission, as carried out by the government to help low-income communities with the implementation of the subsidy or housing and settlement development implemented by civil society organizations (eg religious institutions or social institutions non-profit) to address the problem of housing and settlements as a result of natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, floods and so on. There is thus a social mission is also one of the goals in the real estate business, so it can be said that the purpose of the property business is for profit / profit, maintaining the company’s survival, growth, social responsibility of the products produced and social mission.

Type Investing In Property Business

Type of investment land (soil) associated with the sale and purchase of land (soil) empty merchantability or vacant land with the building thereon or in the form of plots of land that are ripe to build located in an environment that is equipped with facilities and infrastructure such as roads, drainage, electricity, water and telephone where buildings were erected after the network is ready to do the connection to the house. While these types of residential investment (residential) is associated with the sale and purchase of residential / home that has been built, where the condition of the environment provided a more complete ingredients including their infrastructure and public facilities and social facilities that have been established in site plan. Investment property in the field of adult experiencing fairly rapid growth associated with the high demand for housing. The need for housing is not only developed in this type of simple but more developed in the medium and luxury types. This suggests that the major employers in the field of the property have a view of the general economic conditions in the condition is getting better, so the amount of investment in this area has a greater influence to encourage the stimulation of business development of the property in the future.

Property Business Strategy

Property business strategy is a way how to achieve business goals property that has been set. To achieve these objectives the company must have a good performance competence in the management of the company and in carrying out development projects that can be handled efficiently, which they then be able to apply the appropriate pricing strategy (reasonably). Success in managing the business and accounted for existence among the competitors in the business and can win the competition, we need a good overall management excellence in the field of investment management system, execution system construction, cost control systems, collaboration systems and marketing systems are applied. For example, in the housing business and residential one, the strategy is to provide housing and completeness of physical infrastructure operational support others, such as the club house, open space, jogging track, tennis court, golf area and so, with this facility certainly would be easier in sales / marketing, and can be considered appropriate to install a heavy price by the target consumer.