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APK Downloader: How to Download Android APK Files to PC Android application package file or APK file is the file format used for installation and distribution of application software and middleware on the android operating system. APK files of new android are usually leaked so you’re given an early access to its new and exciting features that otherwise would not be available to you. It eliminates the frustrating waiting time for updates to arrive via over-the-air, because it allows you to bypass carriers in order for you to get the latest updates directly from the major android source. APK files have many sources across the web, but you should be cautious and keen in choosing a reliable and trusted site. In installing APK files to your computer, first you need to find the APK file you want, search it online and download it on your computer. Before you decide to download it on your mobile phone, you’ll need to make sure that your device allows third-party apps. You just need to go to menu, then settings, select security and check unknown sources to allow installation of phone from sources other than the android play store. Once you are done downloading the APK file to your computer, you can connect your device to it. At this point, you will be asked to charge your device or you can also connect it as a “media device”, choose the media device and find your device’s folder on your computer. In your PC, find the phone folder and then copy the APK file into your chosen folder in your android smart phone. You’ll now be enabled to search for the file location in “my files” folder of your device, then find the APK file, tap it and click install. And it’s finish, you now have your app. Just open it and make sure it works, otherwise you need to repeat the process with a different file and try a different APK site. To install the android application package file to your mobile device, just open your browser, find your preferred APK file and tap it to download it to your device. After downloading it, open “downloads”, tap the APK file, and choose yes when prompted, then installation follows If you are planning to download a lot of APK files, you can get an extension to your desktop computer, and you need to enter your email address and a device ID will be required for later requests. To get your device ID, download an app for device id which will show your Android ID once it is opened. In order for you to log-in to the APK downloader, the device id app will show a list of emails, and you need to choose one, along with its password.
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Downloading an APK file has many benefits such as helping you when you are short in space on your device, or if you want to work around country with restrictions. Store your APK files in a hard drive or in cloud storage and you can just open it when you want to get an application.Learning The Secrets About Files


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