4 types of the most used natural stone

Almost every house nowadays is using stone feature wall tiles to make the bathroom wall. Besides giving a natural atmosphere, natural stone could increase the beauty of the house, although the price is quite expensive compared to ceramic or wallpaper. Finishing the house with natural stone could increase the selling price of the house.

There are many kinds of natural stone to be chosen. If you still confused about what types that considered best to beautify your home sweet home, first, understand this explanation below!

Types of natural stone.

1 Marble stone

Marble stone commonly used by luxurious home to cover up their floor, bathroom area, and the kitchen table. Marble stone mostly used as a wall to make your house looks clean and elegant. If you choose marble stone, it is better to use it only for interior, because marble stone is naturally fragile when it gets hot.

2 Andesite stone

Andesite color tends to be bright, so that could beautify the interior of a building. Mostly, granite stone has bright colors such as light red-grey. The brightness of color tends to create natural reflection and nice brightness to the house interior. The treatment is also easy because granite stone has small pores that kind of hard for any dust to stuck-in. But, The granite stone’s price is relatively expensive, and the way to install them is quite hard because of its heights.

3 Temple stone

Temple stone is the stone used for built a temple or statue in the past, but it does not mean this stone won’t suit a minimalist house. The color that tends to look dark and almost black precisely gives natural and calm vibes. The price is also relatively cheap compared to another natural stone. Sadly, a temple stone inclined to be mossy, so that the owner must clean it regularly.

4 River stone

River stone is the one that widely used as a building foundation. The river stone is also commonly applied to exterior walls, fences, ponds, pillars or dry garden decoration. There are many colors of the river stone, ranging from black, gray, brown, and even purple. Interestingly, river stone can be easily found, and the price is relatively cheap.

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