What Can I Sell To Make Money From Home? 33 Ideas!

What can i sell to make money from home

If you’re wondering, “What can I sell to make money from home?” we’ve got you! You can come up with side hustle ideas to make extra money.

You can get rid of unwanted items without even leaving your house. There are so many ways in which you can generate extra cash right from the comfort of your own home. Below are 33 ideas!

What can I sell to make money from home easily? 33 great ideas

Having extra cash is great, but you also want it to be easy. So here are some suggestions.

1. Sell old clothes

If you have some clothing that’s in decent condition, but you no longer wear it, try selling it.

Many websites like Poshmark, Mercari, and Facebook Marketplace allow you to sell clothing, and you could make some money, especially for name-brand items.

You may also own some items that are designer or special occasion wear, such as a wedding dress or a Chanel handbag. These items could help you earn a good amount of money depending on the condition.

2. Make jewelry

If you want to know, “what can I sell from home to make money?” and you’re creative, try making jewelry. You can, for instance, start with one or two items like necklaces and earrings and slowly add more to the collection. People could buy from you in person, or you could also open an online store.

3. Repurpose old phones

If you’re good with technology, try refurbishing or repurposing old phones. You can buy older models online and then fix them up for sale to make some extra cash. Here are some great ideas for repurposing old phones.

4. Make decorative coffee mugs

Everyone loves a good coffee mug. So try making some with fun quotes or drawings using glue and/or paint. You can then sell your creations to friends, relatives, or online.

5. Make t-shirts

You can print t-shirts for money. It’s great to make some for businesses or companies that want to buy in bulk, but you can also do individual patterns and designs if you like. Sites like Printful and Printify are great for printing your own shirts.

6. Sell furniture

If you’re struggling with the question of “what can I sell to make money from home?”, furniture is a good place to start. For example, maybe you have furniture in your garage or in your house that gets little use. So clean it up and put that furniture up for sale!

7. Create planners or PDFs

If you like to design things, try creating printable planner pages or PDFs. You can make all kinds of organizing printables like grocery lists, to-do lists, and budgeting templates, for example.

8. Get paid to write

Writing articles or blog posts can be very profitable. Find a niche that you know a lot about or one that you want to know more about. Brush up on your communication skills and also look for websites that are hiring freelance writers.

Good places to look for freelance writer work or blogger work as a beginner include Upwork and Fiverr.

9. Do email marketing

Email marketing is a form of writing that focuses more on selling or getting people to engage with a website. It’s a great way to use your skills as a freelancer if you’re a good writer, and in addition, it usually pays well. The job category this falls under is freelance marketing.

10. Sell paintings or drawings

Do you love to draw or paint? If so, put your masterpieces up for sale online.

Create, take some photos, and add your price. Check on the current market also and see what art like yours will sell for.

You can create your own online store as well and sell your artwork from there.

11. Create a recipe book

This is a fun answer to the question, “what can I sell from home to make money”. Create a book of original recipes and sell it as an eBook. People are always looking for new cooking ideas, so this is a great way to make some passive income.

12. Become a virtual assistant

Many busy executives and business owners need virtual assistants. You can usually do this online if you have some computer experience, a solid internet connection, and also people skills. Check out the opportunities on job boards or market yourself on social media.

13. Do photography

Are you a great photographer? Try selling your own stock photography on your own website or online store. Practice in your niche, and you can work up to charging higher prices.

14. Become a scheduler

A lot of people need someone to check their calendars and schedule appointments for them. Sometimes companies hire for this, too, to book multiple appointments. You’ll need some organization skills, an understanding of customer service, and a good attitude.

15. Sell old books

If you have an extensive collection of books that you no longer read and you want to sell them, it’s easy enough to do this online. Keep an eye out for any series you can sell as a set. Selling textbooks can also bring you a good amount of money.

There are a lot of good places to sell old books online, including Amazon and also Decluttr.

16. Sell dishes

Maybe you’re still thinking, what can I sell to make money from home? Perhaps you have some beautiful dishes made of china or other costly material.

If the dishes don’t have sentimental value, they could be a great item to sell. Just be sure to package them properly for shipping.

17. Sell a collection of things you own

If you have a collection of things, it might be worth something. For instance, it could be first-edition books, comics, or some other thing.

Try it out! Make sure you research the going price and understand its value first.

18. Rent out some space in your home

If you don’t mind sharing your home or if you have a guest house or another floor in your place, rent it out. You can also rent spare rooms. It’s a great house hack and a great way to make a consistent monthly income.

19. Sell outdoor tools and appliances you don’t use

If you have way more yard tools and appliances than you need, fix them up and sell them. So round up your big-ticket items and clear the clutter. Depending on the season, you can sell these items fairly quickly to make money from home.

20. Sell your shoes

Do you have any designer shoes in good condition? Consider selling them. While you may not get what you paid for them, they could still be worth a significant amount.

21. Make or sell decorations

Maybe you have wall decor, lighting, rugs, or some other home decorations to sell. These are great items if you’re still asking what can I sell from home to make money. So take good photos and sell them on an online marketplace.

22. Sell your old computer or laptop

A lot of people will buy used computers and laptops. So if you have an extra one that you don’t use, make some cash from it.

23. Sell anything antique or vintage

Antique or vintage items like clothing, furniture, or pieces specific to a particular era can make you some money. So find out what the antiques you own are worth to determine whether or not to sell.

24. Give advice by blogging or on YouTube

If there’s a subject you’re passionate about, take up blogging or start your own YouTube channel to tell others about it. Although this doesn’t instantly make money, it can work in the long run if you run ads or affiliate links.

With YouTube videos, there are tons of topics to choose from, including video games, finance, fashion, and more.

Or if you’d rather, start writing your own blog and make money from Google Adsense and affiliate marketing. There’s no limit to your earnings with these jobs.

25. Make coasters

Everyone needs coasters, and if you’re creative, you can also make some. Then, sell them for a profit. So here are some great DIY coaster ideas.

You can try different designs to see if a product sells and then come up with more ideas over time.

26. Sell online classes or tutorials

If you’re still struggling with the idea, “what can I sell to make money from home”, think about what you’re good at.

Yoga? Welding? Budgeting? Make an online class or tutorial and sell it.

You can set up the course on your website and drive traffic to it.

Classes can also be a great way to make money online easily because you can make your own schedule and even work this around a full-time job if you want.

27. Do social media marketing

Are you great with social media? If you’re a good writer with communications experience, you can become a social media marketer. There’s potential to make decent money, though it may take some time to get started.

Small business owners and brands can pay you to plan content for their social media accounts (or multiple accounts) and market their products. A job like this may involve market research and also staying current on social media trends.

In addition, if you have great organizational skills, social media management can be offered in addition to marketing.

28. Create websites

Another legitimate way to earn money is by setting up websites for others. You might charge by the project or by the hour and include various services. It’s a great way to make some cash.

It’s especially helpful to understand user experience (how easy and user-friendly the website is to navigate)and web design.

29. Sell your gym equipment

If you find that you have some gym equipment gathering dust, you can sell it and make a decent profit. Ensure it’s all up to safety standards, and clean it up to make it look as good as possible before selling.

30. Make homemade candy

Do you love to make sweets? Then you could start a business selling candy. Make large batches on the weekends, and sell them to friends or family.

31. Walk dogs or pet sit

If you love animals, one of the best gigs is to become a pet sitter or dog walker. Walk dogs during the day while their owners are at work, or keep an eye on pets when people go on vacation.

Rover is an awesome place to find jobs and you can also do this as a short-term or long-term side gig.

32. Do surveys and use shopping apps

A lot of apps like iBotta and Swagbucks will give you rewards like cash back and gift cards when you shop.

Survey sites are also an easy way to do a bit of remote work part-time by giving your opinion. Online surveys can help companies with their marketing. Survey Junkie is a good place to start.

33. Sell domain names

Another good remote job is selling domain names. You can purchase domains that you think will sell for more money, and then resell them later (known as domain flipping). Or you can sell domain names you already own.

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What to do with the money you earn

If you’ve answered the question of what can I sell to make money from home, you’ll have some extra cash soon. In addition, if you make even a few hundred dollars extra each month, it adds up quickly over a year!

So what should you do with the money? Here are some suggestions.

Create a special savings account

It would be pretty easy to put this extra cash towards things that aren’t really necessary. But that would fill up your home with more things you’ll later want to get rid of.

Most people spend at least $18,000 a year on unnecessary things. So instead, you can add all your extra income to a special savings account with a specific purpose.

There are many ways to use this account. Towards a vacation, a down payment, or also a project like a home remodel.

It’s a good idea to have a target amount that you want to save. Then, keep building up the account until it reaches the number you’ve decided on. Remember, the more items you sell and the more money you collect by running a business, the faster you’ll reach your goal.

Maybe you don’t have a project or specific goal in mind for your extra funds but you can still instead invest the money. You can use a retirement savings account or a traditional brokerage.

You can invest in real estate or even in your personal development by setting goals and learning new things. Be sure to also do your research on any investment you make.

Build a rainy day fund

Everyone needs a rainy day fund. You might think of this as an emergency fund. But it’s usually used for less significant expenses that come up.

If you already have some emergency savings, your rainy-day fund doesn’t have to be as substantial.

Rainy day funds are never a bad idea. It’s a way to take care of unexpected things without needing to dive into your emergency fund savings. So think of it as insurance that helps you not to need your emergency fund as much.

What can I sell to make money from home: Final thoughts

Selling services to generate income as well as selling items we don’t need is valuable. You’ll make some extra cash and maybe even free up your home from clutter.

The key to making this money, however, is getting started. Now that you have some ideas, get to work on your favorite ones! And for even more ideas, find out how to make $300 fast, or how to make $1000 a month!

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