BPI Vs BDO Vs Metrobank In The Philippines

Akhir-akhir ini semakin banyak orang Indonesia yang mendapatkan penghasilan utama maupun sampingan dalam nominal US Dollar, tetapi yang bersangkutan tetap tinggal di dalam Indonesia dan berbelanja dengan menggunakan mata uang Rupiah. Walaupun demikian, saya lihat kebanyakan tetap menerima penghasilan US Dollar tersebut melalui rekening Rupiah.

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I have at all times been inquisitive about one thing. As an example I’ve $ten thousand coming from outside the nation. The only place I could convert this a lot to peso is through banks (or should you suggest someplace else?). I checked the web and found out that BDO has barely increased Dollar Shopping for Fee than BPI, a difference of 5 cents per dollar. In order that’s additional 500 pesos if I promote my dollar to BDO slightly than BPI.

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Hi Nick, thanks for explaining. I did not understand that BPinoy financial savings is an ATM-based mostly account. I assumed it was BPI’s reply to BDO Kabayan, which is a passbook and ATM account, and which they’re additionally offering at PDOS sessions. Thanks also for the Internet banking suggestion. I at all times feel good when I see OFWs profiting from Web banking. Greatest regards, Nick.


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